Tuesday, 23 January 2018

Let your positive side shine through

A mirror has two sides. The one side hides everything in its path, the other side reveals the truth about you.
We, politicians and many of our acquaintances, do not want to see both sides of a story, they are not interested in the glass side of the mirror. They want to hide the reality so that they can build their own reality to fit their facts. They are too tired or disinterested to see things as they are, they want to see things within their own perspective. The back of the mirror enables them to plant and nurture their own perspective as everyone who looks at the back of the mirror sees their belief.
The back of the mirror allows them to be ultra-sensitive and encourages them to try to convert all to their way of thinking.
Let’s take this instance of the hooded coat “Cutest Monkey in the Jungle” A black child from a Scandinavian country wore it. His mother thought it was cute, I thought it was cute and so did many others. Hover some were looking at the dark side and took issue with it and took it the extent of rioting, pillaging and destroying.
When did we become so horribly sensitive? Can I not call a mischievous a child a little monkey anymore? Or is it only derogatory if the child is black. I often called my kids and cousin’s kids and my grandchildren monkeys – so when does it become an insult and when is it a playful observation.
People, there are so many HUGE issues that need our attention. Let’s soothe our ruffled feathers and use that energy to solve the many sad, dangerous or problematic issues.
Really? When did we become so sensitive? Stop peeling the scabs off the sores of the past and let’s find a way to help these sores heal.
Madiba wants a rainbow nation – a nation of people who will work together to achieve a great country.
Whites stop being derogatory, blacks start looking for the good in the whites you come across. Please let our pride not destroy our wonderful land. I am taking a step towards you knowing that together we can do marvellous things.                                                                                       © Vera Alexander.

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